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One-stop Mixer Studio


Offers an All-in-one & Easy-to-use & Visualized audio solution through onboard audio mixing for all your audio sources, for podcast recording, online live streaming, gaming chatting, voice over, Tik Tok or YouTube video and more, on your home computers or mobile devices.

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Compact Audio Mixer


Streamline your setup and optimize your production with the X5 Audio Mixer—an easy-to-use, all-in-one onboard audio console for home content creations, such as podcast, live streaming, gaming voice, voice-over, video recording, radio, and more.

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Gaming Mixer


With X3 audio mixer, you can do all of your audio mixing and control in one place, forget fiddly software and adjust audio effortlessly with a mixer that’s completely onboard mixing the audio resources via hardware-control.

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