Podcast Microphone Live Sound Card Kit, Y10 Studio Condenser Mic & P2 Sound Board/Audio Mixer/Voice Changer/Audio Interface for Streaming/Recording/Gaming/Vlogging/Karaoke/PC/TIK tok/YouTube (P2+Y10)

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Tenlamp P2 Live Sound Card & Y10 Studio Podcast Microphone Equipment for Live Streaming

      • Tenlamp P2 live sound card is a digital sound card for professional live broadcasting and recording, it has a built-in high-speed digital DSP reverb processor.It features those functions such as voice changer, audio interface, soundboard, audio DJ mixer, etc. Suitable for voice chat, Host, singing and recording, listening to songs, etc. Widely used in professional live streaming, recording studios, personal entertainment, home party and other scenes.
      • Portable Studio Podcast Kit is exactly what you need when you want to get your live streaming, podcast, radio shows, and other social content. It is so easy and intuitive to use that you can Start Whole New Blog Journey within minutes, and focus on providing valued content and interacting with your audiences.
      • It offers channels of audio mixing and easy connections to microphones, PC, Cellphones and other devices; using advanced engineering technology, allows the user to control the sound levels, adjust live vocal and sound effects, through a comprehensive set of tools, to avoid laborious post-production and editing.

Powerful Audio Console Equipment for Live Streaming Better

Tuning Master for Streaming

      • High-speed digital DSP reverberation noise reduction chip.
      • Precision tuning: 8 volume adjustment knobs or push buttons: Treble, Bass, Noise reduction, Voice changing, Monitoring, Reverberation, Microphone, Accompaniment, make the sound achieve the effect you want.
      • Support dual mobile phone live streaming, dual-person live streaming, dual microphone input.
      • BT wireless accompaniment and musical instrument connection accompaniment, choose your favorite accompaniment music.
      • Provide microphone interfaces for XLR microphone and dynamic microphone.
      • 8 live broadcast scene modes: Sing, Popular, Major, Host, KTV, MC, Telephone, Games, to meet the needs of various scenes occasions.
      • 12 kinds of funny warm-up sound effects: such as Laughter, Claps, Welcome, Show up, PK, kiss, adjust the live streaming atmosphere.
      • 4 kinds of voice changing: goddess voice, male god voice, baby voice, monster voice, change your voice.
      • Super Cool and colorful flashing lights: multiple colors lights flash.
      • 12 electric tone tone, choose your favorite sound tone.
      • 5 preset assistant functions for anchors: Introversion, Dodge, Monitor, Mute All, and Eliminate Effect, allowing you to easily control the live streaming atmosphere.
      • The built-in battery, allows you to live podcast continuously for a long time.
      • Soft and sensitive silicone buttons, feel great.
      • Easy to use, Plug and Play, No need to debug.

Considerate Details Design

P2 Live Sound Card Equipemnt Panel Definition

1. Treble Knob: adjust the brightness of vocal sound, increase from the left to the right.

2. Bass knob: adjust the vocal bass of the microphone or headset

3. Noise reduction knob: adjust the noise reduction of the microphone and control the pickup range of the microphone

4. Monitor knob: adjust the size of the earphone headset monitor volume

5. Pitch of v-c(Voice changing) knob: fine-tune the voice change effect

6. Voice Changing(Reverb) knob: adjust the size of the reverb effect

7. Accompany push button: adjust the input volume of accompaniment music

8. Mic push button: adjust the volume of the microphone/headset

9. Host button: switch to host live broadcast scene mode (original voice, no reverberation)

10. Major button: switch to professional live broadcast scene mode (small reverberation)

11. Popular button: switch to popular live broadcast scene mode (medium reverb)

12. Sing button: switch to live singing scene mode (big reverberation)

13. Dodge button: press to turn on/off the dodge function; when the dodge function is ON, and the microphone has audio input, the accompaniment will fade; when the mic has no audio frequency input, accompaniment recovers.

14. Introversion button: press to turn ON/OFF the Introversion function; when the Introversion Function is ON, the accompaniment or voice can be monitored through the sound card, or uploaded to the computer or network platform through the sound card; when the Introversion function is OFF, the accompaniment or sound can only be monitored through the sound card, it won't be loaded to the computer or net platform through sound card.

15. Game button: switch to Game live streaming scene mode; when the game mode is ON.the sound of game and teammates can only be heard in monitoring, without the own people voice.

For live streaming, podcast, broadcast, vlogging, youtube, facebook, tok tok, Anchor, singing, home studio...

P2 Live Sound Card Equipemnt Panel Definition

16. Electronic button: Cyclically switch to 12 electronic tones

17. Mute All Button: press to turn ON/OFF mute mode; when ON, all monitoring and recording upload sound are turned off.

18. Monitor button: turn ON/OFF ear-back real time monitor function. when ON, the sound of the microphone, accompaniment, and sound card can be monitored by monitoring earphone. when OFF, no sounds will be monitored.

19. Eliminate Effect button: press to turn ON/OFF; when Eliminate Effect is ON, the singer's voice in Bluetooth accompaniment or mankind part of the wiring accompaniment can be reduced, and the song will be turned into the purely accompaniment sound.

20. Voice Changing button: Cyclically switch to 4 voice changing(goddess voice, male voice, baby voice, and monster voice), change your voice.

21. On/Off / Switch Mode Button: long press to turn ON/OFF sound card; short press to switch 7 live mode: KTV MC Telephone Sing Popular Major Host

22. Wireless Connection button: turn ON/OFF sound card BT for wireless accompaniment; sound card Bluetooth Name: “P2”, You can choose your favorite accompaniment music by connecting to your mobile phone via the BT

Basic Connection Methods of Live Sound Card

Typical application method of Sound Mixer

      • Typical application method 1: live streaming on mobile phone + headset singing + earphone monitoring
      • Typical application method 2: PC digital live streaming/computer APP accompaniment + microphone singing + earphone monitoring
      • Typical application method 3: mobile phone live streaming + mobile phone accompaniment + microphone singing + earphone monitoring
      • Typical application method 4: PC digital live streaming + mobile phone live streaming + cell phone accompaniment + microphone singing + earphone monitoring

Warm Tips:

Considering the function complexity and affordability of the live sound card, you maybe have some puzzle during your using. We kindly suggest you contacting supporting, we will analyze the cause of the problem for you within 24 hours and provide solutions.


It performs well on PC, however, we can’t make sure that it is 100% compatible with iOS and Android systems( the system are constantly updating) via digital connection. If the USB digital connection doesn’t work, please use the 3.5mm TRRS input (USB-C or Lightning to 3.5mm adapter may be required but not included) to connect your device.

Sound Quality

It works well for streaming, podcasting and broadcasting, but the sound quality might not be as good as very professional DJ mixer.

The User Manual

We provide an introduction to the live sound card, as well as common troubleshooting. If you are confused, please refer to the user manual or contact supporting.

NOTE:1. OTG adapter is not included. 2. Not support USB microphone or XLR to XLR microphone. 3. Not support Phantom power.